Frequently Asked Sky Lantern Questions

What Are Sky Lanterns

Flying lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. They are made of non-flammable, biodegradable paper and a bamboo frame. A wick is suspended from the bamboo frame which is lit enabling the flying lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky.

How long do Sky lanterns fly for?

Sky lanterns fly approximately 1 mile high and as far into the distance as the eye can see. The wick burns for 20 – 25 minutes before extinguishing and floating softly back to the ground.

How big are your sky lanterns (sizes)

Traditional White = 38cm (15 inches) wide by 90cm (36 inches) high.
Red Hearts = 38cm (15 inches) wide by 100cm (39 inches) high.

Can I take my lanterns on an aircraft?

We have 1000’s of customers that have taken flying lanterns overseas on an aircraft. Flying lanterns are not like traditional fireworks and do not have an explosive element. Simply pack them carefully into your suitcase (not in hand luggage). However, if in doubt, please note that it is advisable to check with the airline as each individual airline may have their own policy.

Are Flying Lanterns safe?

Flying lanterns are very safe if used strictly in accordance with the Safety and Launch Instructions. A copy of these will also be supplied with your order.

Can Flying Lanterns be used in bad weather?

Sky lanterns are made of rice paper and therefore will be ruined if used in wet weather conditions. The safety instructions clearly indicate not to use sky lanterns in even low winds (please consult for wind speeds).

Can I use my flying lanterns inside?

Flying lanterns are strictly for outdoor use. Please do not attempt to modify the flying lanterns in any way so that you can use them indoors.

Can the lanterns be attached to the ground?

Absolutely not!

Payment Processing

Payment for all orders is processed securely using either Sage Pay Merchant services, or by Paypal (depending on your chosen checkout method). We do not have access to/store your payment card details.

When will my sky lanterns be dispatched?

Most orders are packaged and dispatched the same day. We have a guaranteed 24 hour dispatch policy and all orders (except those placed at weekends) are posted within this time frame, unless you are notified otherwise.

Can I pick-up my order from your London Address

No, we are sorry but, our lanterns are dispatched from a central distribution centre, which is not open to the public.