Flying Chinese Lanterns
Traditional Flying Chinese Lanterns
Fly for 20mins and up to 4 or 5 miles!
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Traditional Flying Chinese Lanterns

24 hour Flying Lantern Delivery Our traditional white flying Chinese lanterns come ready to light and are made from biodegradable non-flammable material.

The Chinese lanterns are capable of flying many miles, and provide a fantastic addition to any party or special occasion. Whether the lanterns are launched one by one, or all together, they are sure to create a stunning effect in the sky for your friends and family to enjoy.
Authentic White lanterns
The lanterns are manufactured to an extremely high quality, and use non-flammable string (not wire) to suspend the lighting pad, resulting in a superior performance.


Flying lanterns are 38cm wide by 90cm high.

All of our flying Chinese lanterns are very safe to use, however, they must be operated in accordance with our safety and launch instructions. These are provided with your sky lanterns, but can also be found below for your convenience.

FlyAway Lanterns Safety Instructions.
FlyAway Lanterns Release Instructions.