Flying Lanterns at Weddings - A unique way to celebrate your Wedding

Floating Wedding Lanterns

The concept of releasing sky lanterns dates back over 2000 years to Chinese traditions. The Chinese would release numerous flying lanterns in one go, all with wishes, hopes, and messages of good luck written onto them. Why not adopt this age old tradition at your wedding for something unique and special that all of your guests can be involved in?

A lot of wedding planners, brides and grooms are choosing to buy wedding lanterns for their special day to release as part of a display. Our sky lanterns offer a fantastic alternative to fireworks for many reasons:

small lantern Wedding lanterns can be operated in areas where noise restrictions are in place.
small lantern Wedding lanterns can be used in areas with animals and children.
small lantern The wedding lanterns can be given to your wedding guests as favours.

By asking your guests to become involved in your big day they can all write their own wishes and messages of good luck for the happy couple and release the lanterns high into the sky, a beautiful way to finish your wedding day.

Imagine the spectacular sight of 200 sky lanterns being released by all of your guests; the romantic heart shaped lanterns and even the multi coloured sky lanterns are great for use both during the day and at night, remaining visible to you and your guests for as long as they drift quietly and gently into the sky. The traditional white sky lanterns we stock look fabulous during your night time celebrations as they show up fantastically in the night sky. The flying lanterns will float for 3-4 miles whilst the burning wick remains alight for 20-25 minutes. Your guests will remain mesmerised by the lanterns until they fade into the distance.

Wedding lanterns are best suited to outdoor summer weddings (please refer to our safety guidelines with regards to use of the lanterns in wind and various weather conditions) but we can still help you incorporate wedding lanterns into your day. As an alternative why not take a look at our Candle Lanterns. Candle Lanterns are ornate, decorative paper lanterns. Simply fill the bottom of your lantern with some gravel or sand and place the lit tea light on top of this. The lanterns are great for lining a walkway or even your aisle; they also make a unique table decoration for your wedding breakfast.

Each Candle Lantern packet contains 10 lanterns standing approximately 26cm tall, complete with safety and usage instructions on the reverse of the pack. Our Candle Lanterns can even be re-used at BBQs or birthday parties after your wedding!

So, order your wedding lanterns or candle lanterns for your special day now and give all of your guests something to talk about, along with the bride’s dress of course. Please contact us directly if you need your lanterns in a hurry!