About FlyAway Lanterns (about us)

Purple Lanterns FlyAway Lanterns Ltd is a leading retailer of Chinese lanterns. We have offices in London and distribution centres based in Witham, Essex.

We pride ourselves on our high quality products and service, and are confident that we supply the most superior paper lanterns available in the UK.
We can be contacted by:

Phone: 07717 872 229

Email: contact@flyawaylanterns.co.uk (we generally reply to e-mails within 3 hours)

Mailing Address: Tickle Me Ltd, 3 Picketts Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7JT

All of our paper lanterns are ready to fly, and use non-flammable string to suspend the wick.

This provides our chinese lanterns with better stability.

Many competitor sky lanterns are of an inferior quality and are contain wire, resulting in substandard performance by comparison. They may also not come ready to light, requiring the lighting fuel cell to be attached to the paper lanterns manually.

When you purchase your paper lanterns from FlyAway lanterns you are guaranteed to receive high quality products, with a first class service to match.