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Mixed Sky Lanterns Chinese Lanterns (also sometimes referred to as floating Lanterns or paper lanterns), are a fantastic alternative to fireworks. They drift gently into the night sky, and can fly for many miles, before burning out and floating softly back to earth.

Our floating lanterns come with their own ready to light fuel cell, and they are ready to fly within about 45 – 60 seconds after lighting.

In calm conditions you can watch your floting lanterns lift to over 1200 feet, before they become a distant speck of light on the horizon. They are a great addition to any party or special occasion, and are sure to create a stunning effect in the sky for your friends and family to enjoy.

We have a range of floating lanterns which are popular all year round, especially for summer BBQ’s and Birthday celebrations. We have also put together some special Flying Lantern wedding packs, offering a discount over purchasing individual lanterns.

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Personalise your Paper Lanterns

Many people write messages and wishes on their paper lanterns before sending them off on their way. Some of our flying lanterns come with 2 marker pens, which may be used to personalise the lanterns prior to launch. This is especially popular with Wedding lanterns.

But don’t be surprised if your display makes front page news in your local paper! Flying lanterns can easily be mistaken for UFO’s! Imagine the poor unfortunate couple relaxing in their garden gazing up at the starry sky, when as if from nowhere, a formation of flying lanterns drift over, creating small fireballs in the night sky!

All of the lantern products featured on the site are of a very high quality, and come individually packaged with full instructions. Our flying lanterns are made from biodegradable non-flammable material and contain no wire!

All of our flying lanterns are very safe to use, however, they must be operated in accordance with our safety and launch instructions. These are provided with your sky lanterns, but can also be found below for your convenience.

FlyAway Lanterns Safety Instructions.
FlyAway Lanterns Release Instructions.

Please ensure you contact the local coast guard if you intend releasing your lanterns on the beach or near the coast. This will avoid causing unnecessary alarm.

Fireworks are also available, as well as Hanging Paper Lanterns